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For privacy reasons, there are times you don't want to share the URL, just the article text. Now you and your colleagues can lift all the news copy you want and share it privately with partners and clients — you have a full license to do so.

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John Carroll's Friday column, starting in August, is exclusive to paid subscribers. It will be made available to everyone at your company, presuming they're subscribed to our Basic (free) plan with a company email address and not a personal one.

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This license covers you, your company, and everyone employed at your company. We shorten this below to: you/your company.

1. We, Endpoints Company, own the content governed by this license, which permanently resides on endpts.com and via email from endpointsnews.com.

2. This license is non-exclusive and non transferable outside of your company. It takes effect the moment you first subscribe. It terminates once your subscription is terminated. We reserve all rights that are not granted you in this license. You may terminate this license at will and for no reason. So can we.

3. Subject to the limitations below, your company can republish Endpoints content in full, so long as the text is kept intact and not modified or purposely stripped of its context, on your company’s proprietary media formats, online and print, for internal business use or external marketing. This use is intended to cover clippings services, media monitoring, trade show advertising, intranet news broadcasts, and other typical and honest business use of copyrighted, licensed news content.

4. Your company may not republish stories written by Endpoints partners (denoted in the byline). Your company may not republish the images, fonts, and art in any stories. In most cases, the images may not belong to Endpoints and you would need to seek permission from the original rights holder. Captions may denote the original rights holder.

5. You can rebroadcast Endpoints content on your private intranet. You can either forward a dedicated email we send to one company address, or by request, we can provide a private API feed in JSON or Slack channel which your company may then repurpose.

But you may not publish multiple Endpoints articles in any public medium. Your license may not be used to compete with us. (But, posting articles to a public biotech company website, for instance, is explicitly covered and encouraged by this license.)

6. Endpoints content is offered to you and your company on an “as is” basis. You assume the entire risk of the quality and performance of our content. You waive both the implied warranty of fitness and the implied warranty against infringement of third-party rights.

7. You may cancel your subscription at anytime. Once you are billed for the year, there are no refunds including pro-rated refunds. Our liability to you for costs, damages, or other losses arising from your use of our content—including third-party claims against you—is limited to a refund of your current year's subscription fee. This is the whole license. If parts turn out unenforceable, the rest remain. These terms can only be changed if we both agree in writing.

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